Dialog Semiconductor Releases Configurable Mixed-Signal ICs for Automotive

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


August 08, 2019


Dialog Semiconductor Releases Configurable Mixed-Signal ICs for Automotive

Unique GreenPAK customizable technology enhances design flexibility and scalability for driving the automotive future.

Dialog Semiconductor's SLG46620-A, a Configurable Mixed-Signal IC (CMIC) for the automotive industry has just hit the market.

The SLG46620-A will bring Dialog’s GreenPAK platform to the automotive space, switching out many components in automotive applications that will enhance flexibility, footprint and BOM reduction. 

The individual GreenPAK base die parts are designed to insert multiple AEC-Q100 qualified ICs that operate with power sequencing, voltage monitoring, system reset, LED control, frequency detection, sensor interfacing and more. Each user’s unique GreenPAK composition is factory programmed and tested to satisfy functional specification in automotive reliability levels.

“Automotive electronics designers will benefit greatly from the flexibility and low latency that the SLG46620-A CMIC device offers,” said Dialog Semiconductor’s Senior VP Automotive Business Segment, Tom Sandoval. “Because GreenPAK products quickly and efficiently process asynchronous inputs, the SLG46620-A is ideal for implementing functional safety features. This is just the first device in a family of CMIC Automotive products that Dialog will deliver to this exciting, evolving market.”

Learn more at www.dialog-semiconductor.com.