Designated Driver Offers Teleoperation Technology for Texas A&M Self-Driving Shuttles

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


August 30, 2019


Designated Driver Offers Teleoperation Technology for Texas A&M Self-Driving Shuttles

First commercial deployment of Designated Driver remote-assistance technology augments the Texas A&M autonomous shuttles, ensuring vehicle and passenger safety.

Texas A&M University added Designated Driver’s teleoperation technology to its autonomous shuttles, which is the first commercial deployment on public roads. The company will offer guidance to the shuttles remotely while they’re running in downtown Bryan, Texas.

Designated Driver will incorporate Remote Assistance into the Texas A&M shuttle autonomy system as the first phase of the deployment, authorizing the shuttle to proceed at four-way intersections and stops. Eventually, Designated Driver will supplement the shuttle’s autonomy system with alternative routes, when necessary, allowing it to safely navigate around unforeseen obstructions.

Designated Driver plans to replace the safety driver over time, as the shuttles will continue to include a safety navigator who will offer support and inform the passengers about the technology. The shuttles will be controlled and observed by a designated teleoperations center at Texas A&M.

“We are enabling Texas A&M to get the safety driver out of the driver’s seat by deploying a reliable teleoperation solution,” said Designated Driver’s CEO, Manuela Papadopol. “This model lowers the barrier to entry for any company to provide safe autonomous solutions. We’re excited to help Texas A&M continue to expand its autonomous shuttle program in other vehicles and cities and look forward to using this opportunity to further study the behavior of teleoperators and provide the best user experience for all riders.”

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