ACEINNA Earns ACES Award for Autonomous Car Navigation and Guidance Technologies

December 05, 2019

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ACEINNA's OpenIMU open-source software stack received the ACES Award, spotlighting it as an affordable and easy to use method to develop navigation solutions for many types of autonomous vehicles.

ACEINNA Receives AVT ACES Award for Autonomous Car Navigation and Guidance Technologies

ACEINNA's OpenIMU Platform makes it easy and affordable to develop highly accurate and reliable navigation solutions for autonomous vehicles of all kinds

Andover, Massachusetts- December 3, 2019

ACEINNA ( today announced that they have received an AVT ACES Award for their industry leading OpenIMU technology platform from Autonomous Vehicle Technology Magazine for autonomous vehicle guidance and navigation.  

AVT magazine awarded the ACES Award to ACEINNA's OpenIMU open-source software stack, spotlighting it as an affordable and easy to use method to develop navigation solutions for many types of autonomous vehicles. AVT Magazine also recognized ACEINNA for developing innovative products and demonstrating ACEINNA's industry leadership. 

More info about the ACES Award is at

"Our professional-grade inertial measurement solution features a combination of the affordable OpenIMU300 hardware and open source software stack that simplifies the integration of automotive sensors, depending on customers' specific application needs," says Mike Horton, CTO of ACEINNA. "It has been designed to meet diverse end-user industry needs. ACEINNA's OpenIMU supports GPS/global navigation satellite system (GNSS) solutions for enabling precise navigation and self-localization at a lower cost than competing traditional solutions."

By using a robust, professional-grade, customizable open-source software stack and easy-to-integrate hardware, the OpenIMU platform simplifies and modernizes navigation system development. OpenIMU includes thorough documentation and simulation - making this environment a truly unique solution for advanced localization and navigation algorithms.

OpenIMU allows for the online simulation of inertial sensors directly through a web interface. In addition, users can leverage the software stack to code sensors to match their respective application needs and then target the hardware to run algorithms directly on their vehicles, machines, and systems.

OpenIMU is a very robust solution. Unlike competing IMUs that have a limited algorithm volume framework, the flexible OpenIMU supports an open-source code base that simplifies sensor integration, simulation, algorithm verification, new algorithm creation, and direct deployment on the OpenIMU300 hardware. With one complete solution, ACEINNA's customers can affordably leverage a wide range of sensor technologies to meet their advanced autonomously driven navigation and self-localization needs, without compromising on accuracy.

Enabled by the inertial navigation software stack, this innovative, high-performance, and cost-effective IMU provides unmatched accuracy for a wide range of self-localization and navigation applications. Unlike competing products, OpenIMU is universal in its applications and can be installed in all types of moving vehicles. 


ACEINNA Inc., is a leading provider of sensing solutions for automotive, industrial, telecom, datacenter and cloud infrastructure, consumer appliances, agricultural and construction markets.  

ACEINNA's precise positioning solutions are MEMS based, open-source, inertial sensing systems that are leading the industry by enabling easy-to-use, centimeter-accurate navigation systems for the autonomous revolution.  ACEINNA's isolated current sensor product family is based on an AMR technology that enables industry leading accuracy, bandwidth and step response in a simple, cost effective single-chip form factor.  ACEINNA has R&D facilities in San Jose, CA; Andover, MA; and Chicago, IL; as well as manufacturing facilities in Wuxi, China.

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